Have you joined the electric car revolution and now you need a fast charging solution for your home or business? Well you are in the right place! We offer a range of electric car chargers for your home (also known as EV chargers) including portable EV chargers, standard wallbox and a smart wallbox or electric car chargers as they are also know. All of our charger options are fully certified for sale within the EU and these certs include the CE, FCC, IK10 which are the EU safety standard for such chargers.

If you are new to the electric car charger market then we know it can be quite confusing to get to grips with what you need. You will probably have such questions like what charger will work with my vehicle? What is a level 1 and level 2 charger? Can I use a normal plug to charge my EV? Should I go for tethered or untethered? Well do not worry, we are have done all of the hard yards for you and we offer a small range of premium EV chargers so as not to confuse our customers. Please read our FAQ below to answer the most common questions asked when shopping for an EV charger.