Wi-Mesh creates ultra low-cost, zero config, plug and play wireless mesh networks that spread an Internet connection wirelessly throughout houses, apartments, hotels, guest houses, bars, sports clubs, offices, coffee shops, shopping malls, schools and just about anywhere else.

No more WiFi dead spots.

We provide all the components you need from, Gateway / Access Points, PoE Injectors, and Indoor and Outdoor Enclosures for hassle free installations, and it can be controlled from any web browser on its free cloud-based controller.

We also provide an installation and management service if required.

Conveniently place a gateway connected to your broadband router and an access point where required to create a stable WiFi mesh network around your home or premises.

Mesh enabled.

Every Wi-Mesh access point is mesh enabled. That means you can install units like traditional access points, hardwired to the Internet, but add additional units that only require power wherever you need to extend coverage.

All access points work together to form a self-organizing, self-healing wireless network with seamless roaming between devices. You can now extend your network to the furthest reaches of your property cable-free.

Wi-Mesh is ideal for business users to set up 2 different SSIDs, one public, one private.

Perfect for Bars, Restaurant's & Shops etc, you can keep your own network private, while giving customers access to a separate public network.

You can set the bandwidth for individual users, design your own web landing page, track users, set up usage via Free access, Vouchers or Paypal payment options if required, monitor your networks health and much more from anywhere in the world

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