Nuvo Multiroom Wireless Audio Systems

The Freedom of Nuvo Multiroom Wireless. Sounds Beautiful.

Life is just better with the right soundtrack, so setting your life to music should be easy. 

Whether it's jamming in the garden, waking up to the perfect morning playlist, or even browsing the near-infinite variety of Internet Radio with friends in the living room, the music you choose to fill your moments should always sound crisp and clear, while being right at your fingertips. 

The ability to listen to different Music or Radio in different rooms is so convenient.

This is the luxury NuVo offers -- audio that sounds as if the band is right in front of you, effortlessly accessible through our wireless whole home audio systems. 

Developed by audiophiles for audiophiles, our systems reproduce every instrumental detail with unfailing clarity, from the deepest bass to the highest ting, because your home, your life, deserves the total range audio experience. 

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